Useful Links

  • Home

    Charts, actual and forecast

  • comprehensive site for forecast models, incl. ECMWF, actual data, incl Sferics.
  • NOAA Marine fax charts
  • Karlsruhe AVN forecast charts, Georg Muller's site with many useful links
  • Animated forecast charts, vorticity, PV, various models, USA and N Atlantic
  • Animated actual and forecast charts from NOAA
  • 6000 links to European met sites/models/data etc, Markus Pfister's Westwind site.
  • Jon O'Rourke's Metbrief site with many useful links to Models/Charts etc
  • Unisys site, forecast charts from several models
  • Excellent displays of forecast charts from the Wetter3 site, including cross sections and animations
  • Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (USA)
  • Athens University dust loading forecasts
  • The UK Weather Information Site, with comprehensive model and raw data links
  • Meteociel site for charts actual and archive, surface and upper air, obs, and lightning
  • Meteocentre-Reading, models and obs
  • WeatherOnline site for comprehensive range of current and forecast charts
  • for comprehansive range of charts and observations
  • Latest North Atlantic surface chart from Ocean Prediction Centre, USA

    Sferics charts

  • UK lightning activity from Isle of Wight Weather
  • European lightning page from Westwind, contains archive for past 5 days
  • Lightning, Europe and the north Atlantic from the Iclandic Met Service
  • European lightning, new charts from meteocentre
  • Plotted European lightning, 24 hr loop from Meteocentre
  • Plotted European lightning, latest frame, Europe
  • Worldwide lightning from wwlln
  • Realtime lightning display from, European region
  • Blitzortung lightning charts, including archive

    European and UK Radar

  • European and UK radar animations from Meteox
  • UK radar animation with zoom facility from MeteoGroup
  • 15 minute radar from Netweather


    Met Office current weather map

  • Met Office current weather map (including lightning and radar)

    Raw data

  • Worldwide METAR and SYNOP reports plotted on google maps
  • Synops from COD (DuPage) in .syn format
  • Upper Air data from COD in .upa format
  • Metars from COD in .sao fromat
  • Latest radiosonde ascents around Europe from
  • Atmospheric soundings from University of Wyoming
  • NOAA UK Buoy data and map, with useful sequences
  • UQAM-Montreal Weather Centre for raw data, model output and links
  • Imagery and sounding data and obs from University of Coln
  • Data maps and animation, UK and continent, from xcweather
  • Daily extremes, temp and rain, UK, Reading Uni
  • UK snow depths every 3 hours from Roger Brugge's site
  • Ogimet site for synop lists and much more



  • Hurricane Centre home page
  • University of Wisconsin tropical weather site
  • NRL global satellite imagery page
  • UK Met. Office Home Page
  • UK Met Office National Library and Archive online
  • Links to National Met Services worldwide via the WMO site
  • Climatological Observers Link website.
  • Satellite reception software by David Taylor.
  • Royal Meteorological Society.
  • American Meteorological Society.
  • National Physical Laboratory, barometry.


  • Chilbolton Radar Facility cloud radar data.
  • Eumetsat home page.
  • European Met. Society.
  • Sci.geo.meteorology FAQs page.
  • BBC Weather Centre.
  • Dr Brugge's weather page at Reading Uni.


  • Group for Earth Observation (GEO) home page.
  • NASA Earth Observatory..stunning satellite imagery
  • WMO information service - Official forecasts worldwide
  • Bidston Coastal Observatory, Birkenhead.
  • Reading University current weather data
  • Real time reports from Chichester Harbour, Bramble Bank and Southampton Dock


    Enthusiasts' pages

  • Northern Isles Weather, Dave Wheeler's Fair Isle site
  • Pitsford Hall, Northamptonshire, weather station
  • Guernsey Airport Meteorological Observatory
  • Keith Harris's site with worldwide reports, Southend data and more
  • Donald Perkins site at Llansadwrn, Anglesey


  • Strathspey Weather
  • Ken Cook's site at Copley, Co Durham
  • Buxton, Norfolk, weather station
  • Royston, Herts, weather station run by Richard Barker
  • Weatherjack, Jack Harrison's weather and gliding site
  • Meteo Maarssen site run by Ton Lindmann


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